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•    Types of balcony doors: paneled (lower part - solid wood), glazed (similar to a French balcony).
•    Glued 3, 4-layer beam (oak, pine, ash, larch), section 68 x 78 mm, 88 x 78 mm, resistant to torsion.
•    Accessories - Maco (Austria).
•    4-layer coating varnishes and glazes, water-based Adler (Austria) www.adler-lacke.com.ua, Sikkens (Germany).
•    Glass unit. Profile IV-68, IV-88 allows the installation of glass with a thickness of 24 to 44 mm with enhanced energy efficiency, sound insulation, sun protection and safety.
•    Drip moulds Stemeseder (Austria) protect the lower part of the frame and sash from the influence of precipitation.